Yoke has joined forces with General Assembly for another instalment of its hands-on design event series – A Brief Night.

Set to be the biggest event to date, A Brief Night 4 will take place at General Assembly’s Melbourne HQ in the CBD, with space for up to 100 designers.

Forget your ideals, here you won’t have months, weeks or even days to research, revise and revisit your design work. There is no room for pondering, no gaps for mulling over.

Instead you will experience the realities of operating within the demands and deadlines of a fast-paced studio, working on the type of projects the industry might throw at you when you’re in the workplace.

Participants on the night will all be presented with a solo design brief.

The countdown then starts and you have 90 minutes to respond.

As in the real world, the brief may not be perfect, and you’ll need to be on your guard for any extra curricular requirements.

During the 90 minutes, help, advice and direction will be made available to those that need it.

When the time runs out, the designing stops. Each participant will then present their work to the rest of the group and get a chance to hear how they’ve done.

Click below to book your place through the General Assembly website.

Can't make it on the night?

For the first time ever, we're opening up the brief to designers across the world so that they too can take part in the event. We'll make the brief available online at 6:00pm AEST, so simply visit this website, read the brief and join in the fun.

We'll be live streaming from the venue on the night via streaming video app Periscope so you can view the briefing process and watch live as people get down to the 90 minutes of design time. Our Periscope username is: welcometoyoke

Once done, we invite all participants to upload their efforts to social media using the hashtag #abriefnight so you can see the different creative approaches to the same brief.