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Who to Follow on Instagram – Yoke’s Favourite Creative Instagramers

Creative Instagram accounts selected by Yoke

Yoke’s Instagram account was recently featured in a Russian online design publication along with a selection of 11 other creative accounts from around the world.

As a result, our humble Instagram account experienced a surge of new followers. So much so, in fact, that around 50 % of our Instagram followers are now designers and other creatives from Russia.

We Are Yoke. Ask Us Anything.

Yoke Q&A - Ask Us Anything

What makes a good design brief?
What’s up with the creatives’ obsessive attitude towards coffee?
Why do people always ask to ‘make the logo bigger’?

Social Media Strategy Tips for Nonprofits

Social media strategy tips for non-profits

NPOs, NGOs and social enterprises – they’re around, they’re growing and we can all agree they’re doing great things. But how many amazing ones are out there that we don’t know about?

How Hot Is Your Web Design?

Web design heatmap by Yoke

The other day I had a discussion with one of my colleagues about how important data is for web design. Don’t get me wrong – I love a beautifully-designed website with an aesthetically-pleasing layout or an edgy approach to colour choices. But I also love data.

Mark It – A Brief Guide to Trademarking Brands

Guide to Trademarking Brands by Yoke

Trademarking is an involved process that’s often considered at the completion of a branding project, after the client has approved the brand identity and is ready to go to market. At Yoke, we are conscious of developing brands that will hold up against the competition and our approach is to deliver bulletproof brands for our clients.

PubCon 2014 Recap Day 4: Pro Industry Day

PubCon 2014 Day 4 - Pro Industry Day

On the last day of PubCon on Thursday 10th, the focus shifted from more general topics to the practical aspects of the different digital marketing areas. From link building and Facebook advertising tips to negative SEO tactics, the day gave the conference attendees an opportunity to enhance their already existing knowledge in their respective areas of specialisation.

PubCon 2014 Recap Day 3: Content Marketing Day

PubCon Day 3 - Content Marketing Day

Wednesday’s PubCon dove into the fascinating world of content marketing. I’m sure most marketers are already familiar with the term as the concept has been around for a while now, although it officially became a buzzword only a few years ago.

PubCon 2014 Recap Day 2: Agency and Enterprise Day

PubCon 2014 Las Vegas Day 2 Recap

Tuesday marked the first day of the official PubCon conference. While Monday was dedicated for intensive SEO, social media and content marketing master sessions only, Tuesday presented eight different topic tracks to choose from, with an almost exhausting choice of 47 seminars running on the day.

What Sewing Has Taught Me about Web Development

What Sewing Has Taught Me About Web Development by Yoke Creative Agency

Ever since I was young, I have wanted to know how things worked and how I could do such things myself. I learned to play guitar so that I could write my own music and I learned how to sew so that I could make my own clothes. I learned how to write HTML, so that I could create my own websites and mark out my piece of the internet. 

Prawns, Lobsters and Pineapples – An Appreciation of Australian Currency

Prawns, lobsters and pineapples – An appreciation of Australian Currency by Yoke

Whilst living abroad for over 10 years, I was always overcome with a sense of nostalgia when discovering a crumpled up Australian $10 note that was hiding in an old bag of mine, or when (once in a blue moon) I decided to clean out my purse and found a small fiver tucked away in a forgotten side pocket concealed under a group of old receipts.

Print Is Not Dead: The Shifting Experience of Design

Print is not dead - the shifting experience of design by Yoke

We all know that the internet has given niche markets the ability to gather and create online communities from all corners of the globe, but now we’re able to see a new phase of interaction amongst these groups as they search for the next best thing, that is, the real thing.