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Dating a Designer: 10 Things You Need to Know

So you’ve nabbed yourself a designer and life is good. You inherently feel more creative and have a newfound confidence wearing glasses. But before you dive headfirst into a world of logos and coffee and deadlines, there are a few quirks you ought to consider when dating designer folk.

Dating a designer - it ain't easy

They are always right
You may think it will be fun to re-decorate your living room with the help of your designer partner, but you’re wrong. It’s not fun. Not unless you are familiar with pantones, rules of aesthetics and tungsten lighting. Forget mixing your Mexicali rug with a French provincial coffee table, it’s just not going to happen. It goes against the theme, babe.

Ditch Microsoft Word. And Publisher. And PowerPoint.
They will scoff at your use of comic sans and appear frustrated when you don’t understand the importance of good kerning. They will take to the formatting of your resume with a hatchet, and the outcome will be spectacularly more professional than your best suit.

They don’t keep office hours
Some days it may seem like they spend hours sourcing GoT memes and sending you links to puppies falling asleep, while other nights you go to bed alone and are woken at 12 am by cold computer hands. It all comes down to good versus evil clients and deadlines. But you can’t say they aren’t proud of their work, you’d be hard pressed to find a designer willing to hand in something sub-par just to make it home in time for Survivor.

They speak another language
It’s called ‘Adobe’, and you will never understand it.

They freaking love fonts
If your designer is unusually happy today it’s probably because they just stumbled across a bunch of boutique fonts. And they are freaking out. At one stage they may even try to make you watch a documentary on Helvetica. This is normally the point in the relationship where you re-evaluate your life choices.

You’re living with a geek
You’re going to have to come to terms with this. They will geek out over the new iOS home screen and you will not understand why, especially when you’re yelling for them to come upstairs and help you update your laptop because for some reason all your contacts have disappeared.

Gift shopping sucks
It truly sucks. Sometimes you may even resort to typing “stuff designers like” and “birthday presents for designers” into Google in the hope that something amazing and costing approximately $80 (with shipping included) will pop up on your screen. It never happens and nothing will ever be cool/clever enough.

Your wedding invites will be awesome
Think of how amazing they will look. Think of how jealous your friends will be when they go to choose their own sucky wedding cards out of the catalogue at the printing store, or worse – order them online. Revel in your own, perfect, custom-made save-the-dates, invites and thank-you cards while you can.

Two is always better than one
If you don’t have two computer screens, you’re an amateur. You don’t have a rechargeable mouse? You’re unprepared.

Form over function
This fact mainly applies to buying groceries and choosing books. Who would buy that carton of milk when this carton of milk is matte with raised lettering. You think it feels like Braille, and are pretty certain it’s milk for a blind person, but they seem to dig it. Who cares that it costs an extra $4.50?

After all, a lot of people would consider you quite lucky to be dating a designer, they are a creative, imaginative and driven bunch of people. They will buy you the best Christmas gifts, shoot all your holiday photos on a good-looking camera, and save you from choosing a horrible, horrible bedspread. Plus, you will never have to learn the difference between CSS and HTML, and don’t even think about dealing with code.

Designers, they’ve got your back.

We picked 10 things to know, can you add more to the list?

Download a printable poster here.

Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne
Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne
Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne
Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne Dating a designer by Yoke Design Melbourne


  1. The correct term is “hipster”, not designer. Apple products have nothing to do with being a “geek”. I have to use a Mac at work and I absolutely loathe how limited it is (if you’re doing something else than adobe) and usually bring my Windows laptop in instead (does Adobe just as well and everything else in between too). This coming from a graphic/web designer.

    But of course, I also studied computer science, so maybe that’s why I don’t buy the hype of overpriced products when one could just customize everything for 1/3 of the price and double the power.

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  4. this sounds like my boyfriend who just started his job.the sleepless nights have already started, gift buying totally insane…the article is on point.

  5. This is entirely my girlfriend. Too funny. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    BTW. Am I using the right font??

  6. Love this so much! Had to share it on every social networking site that I’m on!
    Keep it coming guys!

  7. Its so right…my boyfriends a designer he can be moody ,geek and different from me but he brings a smile to my face in the most creative ways possible.

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  9. Ugh, I am a designer and I hate all these stereotypes. Form should never be over function — and we really aren’t that uptight about everything! I think “pretentious hipster” is the right term for the person you’re describing. I get it, it’s all fun and jokes…but it also kind of isn’t.

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  11. Thank you, this article makes me realise how much I don’t want to date a designer. Well if your description is correct anyway.

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  13. All true … well, almost. A true designer values function as much as form and believes in the two working together; they won’t be swayed by form for the sake of form alone. That embossed milk carton won’t even make it into the cart.

  14. I sent this to my pregnant wife to check how true it rang with her, and got this back:

    “Ha! All apart from the interior design aspects!

    It forgets to mention that any scrap of paper you leave out will be immediately covered in doodles before it hits the table

    An unhealthy obsession with pens – of all types

    The amount of time it takes to write and decorate birthday/Christmas cards

    The amount of time it takes to choose wrapping paper – and then wrap with that paper – ensuring full pattern alignment on all sides of the gift.

    The inexplicable rules that surround the composition of shopping lists

    Endless boxes of wires/mouse’s/memory keys.

    Love you!

  15. Dear Windows web designer, this article is not about Apple products. Save your rants for comments on fanboy pages.

  16. Both my wife and I are graphic designers. Her at a fancy fun advertising agency (with beer cart Fridays) and me as an in house button pusher. We couldn’t be happier together….. until you multiply the above list by x2 lol.

  17. Could not have written this better myself. Other than the bedspread comment! My designer husband very cleverly leaves house “stuff” to the wife!!

  18. HAHA all of these are so true. To “mrnice” why would you even be on a computer if not to use Adobe products? Desginers care about aesthetics as much as function (maybe check out the last one), probably a clue as to why we all use Apple…

  19. Errrrr, not sure what planet youre all on, lots very wrong with this article…esp last comment about coding, Designers do NOT code. Sure we understand it, kind of….design uses creative side of brain, code uses..well..the not creative side of brain. Like asking a quantum physicist to be a fashion designer. Rediculous.

  20. Although the last point is a little bit contentious…she does specify ‘mostly for books and groceries’…I think people gotta chill out a bit there. My bookshelf is full of beautiful but useless books, and I’ll definitely chose a nicely designed package over an ugly one.

    I also eat apples…i’m probably a pretentious hipster. (right cath and mr nice?)

  21. as an ID student I can confess that I generally possesi the geek DNA listed above but I enjoy appliying all of the design principles I am learning to my physical appearance and sartorial choices :)
    p.s. i am obssesed with the right pencils ..drafting…

  22. This paints designers as a privileged and materialistic lot, and it pats itself on the back while doing it.

  23. Roham: I so agree with your wife!
    My husband & I are both designer, and every point here is sooo verrryyy truueee!

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  25. I think this is more towards graphic designer/web designer. I’m a surface pattern designer and whilst I can relate to a few of these, I def know sweet fa about fonts and coding. Also form over function isn’t really true, they are both equally as important and brilliant design is both. And yes I do love my Mac but I much prefer it over a PC any day, and I’ve used both. I guess it just comes down to preference. I’d have to put in about art supplies though, the amount of pencils and pens I have is ridiculous, and I get really geeky about stationary :)

    Roham – Yes, to most of your wife’s points too, especially the wrapping paper thing :)

    Also I’m dating an artist, so that’s all kinds of crazy!!!!! haha

  26. I agree with mrnice. A geek would use a self-compiled, customised version of Linux on a self-built computer. Someone who just buys their computer from Apple isn’t a geek, in the same way that someone who picks a nice wedding invitation card from the catalogue is not a designer.

  27. I sent this to my boyfriend and he couldn’t stop laughing. We’re both designers and this is so us!!! Funny but true. Especially the part about fonts. Let’s not forget collecting all types and colours of pens. I probably have about 50 coloured pens. X

  28. From a wordsmith who has no design acumen — it’s “invitations” (noun) not “invites” (verb.)

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  30. This is brilliant and spot on. Haha! My girlfriend must hate me ;) Sorry honey! Now she knows that if I’m down all she has to do is find me a new font!

  31. My web/graphic designer BF came to bed around 1 AM with cold computer hands two nights ago and I smacked them right off of me. I have mostly embraced his ways: took code academy lessons, learned photoshop basics, became ultra picky about aesthetics, learned to love minimalism. It’s all positive as far as I can tell! Except for the cold computer hands. That’s terrible.

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  33. Thanks for that brilliant list!

    PS: the facts would be absolutely perfect as a desktop background. :-)

  34. This has just made my day, my girlfriend just agreed that this is me all over… I’m taking it as a good thing, she is not.

  35. Yeah? Try buy a birthday present for each of a designer friend( most of my friends are designer)…it’s a mental torture…hahaha

    No…we’re not really into IOS stuff

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  38. This was funny only thing even in humor only crappy designers care about form over function. Real designers care deeply about both.

  39. Dear Author of this Article,
    Function should always be considered first and foremost; certainly in the format of design thinking related to Industrial or Product Design. Form and aesthetic/styling will follow intuitively….(sometimes). The Function will inform the potential materials and other constituents of a product being developed. The manufacturability and noted limitations and aesthetic quality/values of said materials and components will generally inform how a designer will think about the form it will take. Think about it. A pretty thing that doesn’t work well isn’t good design.


    -An Industrial Designer/UXer who thought this article was otherwise pretty spot on.

  40. Another one of those annoying generic posts about people who define themselves by their job title. For the record, if you’re a designer and only know HTML and CSS, GL ever making decent money. HTML and CSS are for babies. Learn programming and design. That way you can do 2 jobs and control everything. Also, companies are cheap these days; so they expect you to do both.

  41. Brilliant. Would add to get used to trying restaurants around the corner if this one’s menu has a bad typeface, and trawling through the web looking to find the tradesperson with the least offensive logo as the house floods / collapses

  42. you forgot that graphic designers are always complaining about their “freelance jobs.” and how we’r constantly waiting for clients to pay us!

  43. Ugh could we have one article on the internet where some self-righteous, misinformed twit doesn’t feel the need to go ape on Apple products and 12 fans don’t attack him like fanboy piranha?

    While one dude in the corner tries to convince people that Linux is a viable platform?

    It’s a tool. I like mine, you like yours, this argument is getting old.

    We need a PC/Mac version of Godwin’s Law.

  44. Holy cow; this is great!

    I actually come from the land of Rubylith, border tape, X-acto blades and Linotype.
    Careered with MacIntosh, Aldus, Macromedia and Adobe.
    Made half a font set with Fontographer.
    Still get giddy over cool fonts.
    Kerning is e v e r y t h i n g.

    …as I sit here typing on my MacBook Air.

  45. My husband said this is absolutely true! We had the best Wedding invites compared to ALL our friends!!

  46. By the way, the comments above about it being a description of a hipster…oh purlease! I have been a designer for 20 years now and we were like this back in the 90s. I learned from a traditional typesetter who trained in the 60s and he was like this too (especially about typefaces, the perfect layout etc. Does that mean the term ‘hipster’ was around then? I doubt it!! Hipsters just hijacked it.

    The technology has changed, but the type of person that becomes a designer stays completely the same.

    Peace :)

  47. Agree with some, disagree with some. I love functional form but never form over function. Fonts are brilliant, so long as they are readable and I have a great collection of pens. I have used Macs and PCs and personally prefer the latter (see functional form above). I keep all sorts of weird hours and my wife definitely doesn’t have any idea what to buy me for gifts. I don’t do minimalistic, I am not anal about present wrapping and I buy long life tetra milk packs. I am a web and graphic designer, a geek, do my own coding and always strive for perfection in my work, but I am never a cliché.

  48. except for the form over function thing (where my inner developer and logical side gets the upper hand and I completely disagree), guilty on all other points :)

  49. You had me at,”It goes against the theme babe.” I have said this so many times lol. The only thing I don’t geek out about is a new iOS. I’m a creature of habit and don’t like change, it annoys me. Unless it’s a new font. I like fonts. Fonts are cool.

  50. As a bilingual PC/MAC who uses both on a daily basis, I resent your “ditch PowerPoint and Comic Sans” comments. They’re dated and make you seem misinformed. It’s cult-of-Apple attitudes like these that allow Apple to continue putting out poorly implemented software like Finder and iTunes.

    Form over function? Are you really a designer?

  51. The bandwagon of everyone hating on Comic Sans is tiresome. Yes it sucks, but it sucks hearing it from everyone. There’s dozens of typefaces that are worst. If you’re a designer, you should try to be unique. Pick an example of something else.

    Some of the apostrophes and quotes after punctuation above could be kerned in more.

  52. It’s typeface, not font, and did anyone find out if they had a wooden version? I’m not prepared enough, please buy me the Magic Charger :)

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  54. This was a great read. I’m sending this to my boyfriend for quick laugh. He always gets mad at me for buying products at the grocery store that have amazing packing and are more expensive as a result.

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  57. My boyfriend is a graphic designer, and yes, this article. is apposite in many regards. As for comic sans; we teachers have to use it as it’s the only font suitable for dyslexic students due to the simply drawn ‘a’. Just saying.

  58. This sounds more like a revenge article or something. Did you break up with your designer friend? :/

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  61. #11 Spontaneous Inspirational Road Trips

    One day they’ll say “i’m jumping in the car and I may or may not be back tonight.” And you see that all they have in hand are they’re keys, sunglasses, and a camera. You worry at first that they are headed towards a night filled of debauchery and antics but then you remember… I’m dating a graphic designer. They are off to see something new, gain some perspective and come back inspired with a camera filled with pictures.

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  63. RE: Fact Five.
    So engrossed with their beautiful layouts that they miss obvious typographical errors such as a foot mark instead of an apostrophe and leave it up to proofreaders to catch them.
    -a production guy

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  66. imagine if both of you are designers. i tell you its chaos every time we pick a Font, a Color, an effect. Sometimes we do agree with furniture though and of course movies. it has to be Blasting with effects like “Pacific Rim” we watched it in imax, and we still have pros and cons comments about it the end (even normal people do this, but most of the comments about effects and 3D related). Even when we we buy snacks, we have to comment on the font and all…Damn it! But we are both happy except when we fight about a work in Photoshop or illustrator at home :) We decided to NEVER work in the same office. if you are both designers please dont show your work to each other that often, its frustrating.

  67. Don’t forget us graphic designers wear thick black framed glasses, skinny jeans and trendy typographic t-shirts!

  68. heh heh, all so true!
    at the grocery get distracted by design, and my family later finds me gaping at a wine/ beer bottle label ( for some reason i LOVE alcohol label designs ). i hang pictures on the wall with a Schaedler rule and they are spaced out to within 1mm. All my mugs match in style and color. Yes, I am a whacko Designer and thankful that my family puts up with me! :-)

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  71. try to date a designer&surfer… we are a loving family of 4: the board, the mac, him and me….

  72. This article did make me laugh because a lot of it is funny in a sarcastic kind of way, however not all of it is correct. Comic Sans might be good for some Dyslexic students, but not all. I happen to be a slightly Dyslexic graphic designer and have found (even as a child) that the only fool proof method of making sure I have not flipped letters, etc is to have a pre-typed Alphabet close at hand to reference…. Also, most designers (one would assume) have other hobbies and likes outside of design so gift-finding should not be that difficult, and if it is then maybe more attention to detail is required in the relationship?

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  77. As a designer, I found this to be hilarious. Although a few points made me feel I haven’t been properly living up to my reputation. I still like using Word and PP. Also, contacts are so much better then my glasses, but when I do where glasses you better believe they are black rimmed. I do feel I am always right and I as accused, I spend equal time designing as I do sending out cute animal videos. Damnit, I’m such a stereotype. Maybe driving a VW should be on the list?

  78. The only gift my designer / architect wife has ever kept is the Konica Minolta Biz Hub C35 printer. It prints in color, B&W, 2 sided, various text weights and collates…..she’s happy, I’m happy. So finally for our 30th wedding anniversary gift, I got it right. Thank you Konica Minolta.

  79. Believe me, it ‘things was worse’ before computers came along, i.e. when all creative lettering, layouts, plan-drawings and colour-renderings had to be done by guess what?….actual ‘sensory’ tools and art-materials in your hand! In fact, the graphic-designer was back then, a rare and wonderous creature ( as well as being peculiar) As soon as AppleMac came along in the 80′s, there were GraphDes’s coming out of the woodwork, much the same as ‘digi-photographers’ are emerging from under the floor-boards in ever increasing droves! Sorry, I could now turn ( and have) any ordinary mortal into a CAD designer within 6-months tops, which don’t make them anything like ‘special’…a welder, or joiner actually has more creative talent these days. Go date one of those.

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  81. At some point, being a designer becomes such a generic clichè with this stereotypical hypotheses/generalization. The only ones who think this list is amusing are those who live circa late 90′s when all of these used to actually sound funny. And when “hipster” is not a word yet targeted mostly on designers.

  82. I absolutely love this post! I have passed it onto all my designer mates and we all agree 100%
    What an odd bunch we are ;P

  83. Some of these sound more like ‘dating a design snob’

    They are always right
    Of course I’m always right :-) But, in decorating – actually, I prefer a mix & match theme.

    Ditch Microsoft Word. And Publisher. And PowerPoint.
    I use them all, if they’re the right tool for the job. You can design poorly on them, sure. But you don’t have to.

    They don’t keep office hours
    Yep! But I have no interest in cute puppies.

    They speak another language
    I can’t afford Adobe. It’s about skill, not tools. A good designer with a pencil and paper can do a better design than a poor designer with the latest software. Obviously, the fancy tools help. But they’re not essential.

    They freaking love fonts
    Oh yes :-) But I don’t like Helvetica.

    You’re living with a geek
    Yes, but not just about design stuff.

    Gift shopping sucks
    Uh, no – I do have other interests.

    Your wedding invites will be awesome
    Yes, I would design them. But they would also not be OTT, because a wedding’s not about that sort of stuff.

    Two is always better than one
    Obviously it’s completely unprofessional to have no need for two computer screens *sarcasm*

    Form over function
    OK, yes – packaging design, logos – definitely majorly influence my purchases. I admit I was glad when the only laptop that met my specs was the red one I had set my heart on, and I didn’t have to justify the considerably larger price! But in general I’m fairly frugal.

  84. I certainly agree with the wedding invites point… Getting married myself this year and certainly felt the pressure when designing our invites. Thoughts such as “God potential clients could see these, they must be perfect”..”People know what I do, they’ll be expecting something good” !

  85. Great article! To set things straight about Apple. It’s been the industry standard within the creative world for years. We only program on PCs because of IE. But alas with the dawn of virtual PCs we can have the best of both worlds on one.

    And who doesn’t like Helvetica?

  86. Yeah…I’m gonna need a high-res version of that poster to hang in my office. I printed it out, but it’s all pixelated. :)

  87. Ah the Helvetica documentary. My husband made me watch it. I fell asleep. He saved it in our queue so I could watch it by myself sometime.

  88. This about sums up my life with my husband. It fits him to a t. Marrying a designer really has taught me a lot. I never knew kearning existed until him and I’ve never learned more about fonts in my life. You bet our wedding invite was perfectly designed..and my 2 screen apple computer and phones are always updated with the new iOs. Loved this post-it is my life.

  89. Love it … especially the font comment.

    Speaking of font. The font on your article is very hard to read for someone like me with old eyes.

  90. this was a great article and so true. my girlfriend can’t stop laughing! I’ve been trying to watch helvetica with her for eeeeever!

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  92. Hi there,
    I’m a designer and let me tell you… that’s nothing when compared to programmers.
    I’m dating a programmer and oh boy… what a rush! So if you’re dating a desinger just thank God… praise Him for your the little heaven He gave you!

    “Designer awaaaaaaaaaay”

  93. This is it – it’s perfect!
    …”Babe, waddaya mean write the password down? I keep em all in my head – safer that way”.

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  95. so true. here’s one i always do, get anoyed at the movies and tell my wife, even when its quiet, that they have flippin used the wrong font in the opening credits, it gives the wrong kind of mood to the movie. I also comment ” wow thats a beautiful font” out loud and then sudenly realise that others must think that is being to weird.

  96. Hmm. I’m not sure real designers actually speak “adobe”… I think real designers usually use the word “adobe” in conjunction with a few expletive words and some off comment remarks about there not being any good alternatives… maybe thats a section you missed.. designers all have opinions and even the best creative director would be hard pressed to change their minds… maybe that and crazy hair, scarfs and square glasses…

  97. This is hilarious! And right on point! To those who are complaining about ‘stereotypes’, lighten up and don’t take everything so seriously.These all apply to me in some way or other and it’s amusing, I’ve been chuckling away for the last 10 minutes. “It goes against the theme, babe.”

  98. Maybe true for visual designers or graphic artists. I am a UX designer and most of it does not really apply to me.

  99. Like it! But gonna have to agree with the other people pointing out the “Form over function” line. Form follows function. Not the other way around. ANY good designer will tell you that.

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  101. Designers geeky ? a commercialized artificial version of geeks maybe.
    They speak another language ? What jobs don’t have their own terms ?
    Have you ever heard a programmer speak ?
    I am a designer, just tired of those “hey, a designer’s life is so different”.
    with love.

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  106. Ha, hilarious! I love the one about finding a font. As a designer, I totally understand how something like a font can make one’s day.

    But you know what’s worse than dating a designer? A designer dating a designer. Use your imagination.

  107. My man sent me this and I read all of it. It made me laugh like crazy and I had post in facebook and my friend who have designer hubby work in designer comment and she said ” I married one don’t do it ” ;-) then I ask about reason

  108. 11) At some point in your relationship, you’re going to have to cancel a dinner reservation because you arrive and find the restaurant’s logo is built using Papyrus font.

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  113. Brilliant. I teach design and was sent to the link by a student (He’ll be a good one, now knows all the rules) Just forwarded to entire department. You may have revealed our final exam!

  114. I have seriously looked at just the surface of the new fosters tin with matt and bit bumpy texture like a bit frosted effect for five minute next to a fridge in a shop. I saw my girl friend was looking at me in the same way as I was looking at the tin.

  115. NAAAAIIIICCCEEE !! I am a graphic designer and i love it! some years after imma totally go for the wedding card thing :)

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