Business owners and marketers understand the immense value that lies in online data and its potential in significantly improving marketing campaigns and website conversion rates. Where most businesses face issues is with the interpretation of the vast amount of available data and translating it into an actionable roadmap for improved business and marketing results.

Yoke’s web analytics consulting services bridge the gap between pools of online data and concrete business outcomes. Our consultants’ technical ability and business know-how ensures that the online measurement strategies we devise are comprehensive and closely linked to the business and marketing KPIs of our clients.

The technical implementation and configuration of our commonly utilised web analytics tracking platforms, such as Google Analytics, follows industry best practice, meaning that the insights derived from the data are always reflective of the true status quo and not skewed by ghost or spam traffic. The subsequent data insights are formed into well-defined recommendations that are presented to our clients in regular reports and meetings.

Yoke also offers training in web analytics for those wishing to manage their analytics data themselves and learn the necessary skills to make data-driven, well-informed decisions regarding their business and marketing initiatives.

Web Traffic Analysis and Reporting
Key Success Metric Recommendations
Measurement Strategy Devisal
Web Analytics Configuration Review
Website Optimisation
Conversion Path Optimisation
Campaign Optimisation