Flourish is a creative communications agency with a talent for drawing the right kind of attention for their clients. But how does an organisation so dedicated to attracting the limelight onto others, approach stepping out from behind the scenes and presenting itself to the world?

Flourish’s true point of difference is their unrivaled ability to cut through an increasingly noisy media environment. They achieve meaningful connections between their clients and those clients’ key audiences through innovation-driven strategies, representing a unique business advantage. As a result, the new brand position we crafted for them was centred on an honest celebration of ‘really saying something’.

In expressing this tenet, we created a visual language founded in contemporary elegance. The lettering of the brand mark’s custom typeface evokes unassuming professionalism, while the supporting aesthetics and free-hand messaging convey the organisation’s approachable ethos.

Upon approval of the brand identity, it was time to create their online presence. We designed and developed a website that would be a natural extension of the new brand. We crafted it to be an organic continuation of the ideas, stories and conversations that define Flourish, custom developed to be equal parts beautiful, functional and topical.

Services provided:

Brand strategy
Brand identity development and design
Brand application
Brand guidelines
Website design
Website development
Mobile responsive design
Mobile responsive development