A Night to Remember – DIA Emerging Designers’ Inside Nights

Like we blogged about a few weeks ago, Yoke had the wonderful opportunity of being a part of this year’s DIA Emerging Designers’ Inside Nights. The nightly events ran from the 26th of August until the 29th, and on Thursday last week it was our turn to open our studio doors to the inquisitive.

Being more accustomed to sitting behind our computers rather than standing in front of crowd, it was refreshing change for team Yoke.

The basic idea behind Inside Nights is to provide design students and graduates a chance to meet professional designers at their studios and find out about what the daily life of a designer is like in reality.

At 6 PM we started hearing somewhat disoriented footsteps from the ground level heading in our general direction. Once we had all our guests sorted with a drink in hand, our GM Peter and MD Mehdi gave a tour of Yoke’s brand new studio.

DIA Emerging Designers' Inside Nights Yoke studio
© Xisca Mairata

We wanted to make our presentation as concrete and practically oriented as possible so, after an introduction from our CD Richie, our designer Renee talked about the actual process of preparing for a design project. She underlined the importance of a carefully written briefing document and the crucial role the account manager plays in administering each project.

Matt then explained our approach when presenting design concepts to clients and how we bring a project to its glorious finish.

Finally, even our Online Marketer Salli got some time to say a few words, with which she gave some hands-on tips on how to promote your brand and work in the online world.

By the time we finished, we realised we had talked a tad longer than we intended, but our guests didn’t seem to mind and happily stayed on for a few more drinks shooting the breeze on all things design.

DIA Emerging Designers' Inside Nights Yoke studio post-presentation mingling
© Xisca Mairata

Once again, big thanks to everyone who came to visit us. Naturally we’d like to thank DIA’s Emerging Designers as well for giving us this opportunity, with special thanks to their Marketing Coordinator Xisca!

PS. For more photos from Inside Nights, check out our Facebook page, Instagram and Emerging Designers’ Facebook page.

DIA Emerging Designers' Inside Nights Yoke studio post presentation mingling
© Xisca Mairata