Best Online Christmas Advent Calendars Picked by Yoke

It’s that time of the year again when your neighbours enthusiastically switch on their Christmas strobe lightshow in their front yards, in the hopes of spreading some of that holiday cheer.

Best Christmas advent calendars picked by Yoke Design Melbourne

To aid this process, the ever-so-catchy ‘Jingle Bells’ plays in every establishment all they way from hip coffee shops to packed supermarkets to jolly motorcycle clubs.

We thought it a good idea to spread a bit of holiday cheer of our own, but wanted to spare our readers from outrageous neon light spectacles and a serious earworm epidemic.

We know that many people have a bit of a soft spot for Christmas Advent calendars, which is why we gathered our fave advent calendars from the last few years into one place for your pleasure.

It’s a Shape Christmas

Christmas Advent calendar - It's a shape Christmas

Put together by the talented people at Shape Design Studio, It’s a Shape Christmas is definitely a designer’s dream Advent calendar. Every day the calendar reveals a new take on a mundane shape, as envisioned by various talented illustrators from around the world.

The 25 illustrators participating in this project were all sent a different shape that they had to use in their Christmassy illustration. The results are pretty magnificent, how does a Santa eating a triangle/Christmas tree-shaped pizza slice sound?

Inky Advent

Christmas Advent calendar - Inky Advent

Some say QR codes are passé, but we’re not completely sure about that. A case in point – Johanna Basford’s fantastically intricate Inky Advent calendar that incorporates ugly QR codes into a beautiful Christmas-themed illustration.

When you scan the QR codes, the calendar will reveal an extra bit of inky goodness to the visitor. It’s fascinating to witness how a relatively modern digital invention can be combined so seamlessly with traditional art.

Marketing Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent calendar - Marketing Advent Calendar

While the technical execution of the Marketing Advent Calendar may not be the most innovative, the content it serves makes up for it. Done by Bop Design, the calendar reveals a new useful marketing tip every day up until the 25th of December.

We can guarantee it’s not as boring as it sounds and other people besides marketers are sure to benefit from the handy insights too.

Christmas GIFs

Christmas Advent calendar - Christmas GIFs

Not an Advent Calendar per se, but just as Christmassy as the other calendars listed here. That is, if quirky animated Christmas GIFs are what make your Christmas spirit soar.

Christmas GIFs is a project by Ryan Todd and web design studio Enjoythis, which collected animated Christmas GIFs from illustrators, animators and directors, smacked them on a website and ended up with one of the most hilarious festive websites we’ve ever seen.

Bad Religion Christmas Songs Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent calendar - Bad Religion Christmas songs Advent calendar

Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs Advent Calendar is definitely a novel idea – to celebrate the release of their new Christmas album, the band give away presents every day of December up until the 25th.

The underlying idea behind the calendar is superb; you can tell that there has been a lot of thought put into it from the way the calendar celebrates the festive season and the Christmas album in one. We’re sure Bad Religion fans are pretty stoked.

Ad-vent Calendar

Christmas advent calendar by Yoke

We admit that we might be slightly biased to this specific calendar, but as it also happens to be pretty awesome, we wanted to include it in this list.

Yoke’s Ad-vent calendar was built with one purpose in mind – to showcase the 25 best ads ever seen on TV and online, handpicked by the Yoke team. We went through a long elimination process, only including those that were truly something extraordinary. The final 25 ads were a mixed bunch – some of them sad, some arty and some funny, but they all managed to move us in some way.

Ad-Vine Calendar

Yoke's Ad-Vine Advent Christmas Calendar 2013

The Ad-Vine calendar is Yoke’s 2013 version of the loved Advent calendar. Instead of looking for the best ads like we did last year, this time we went on the hunt for the best Vine videos.

Again, it wasn’t easy, but we’re happy with the 25 Vines featured in Yoke’s Ad-Vine Calendar for 2013. Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

We’d like to wish all our customers and followers a Happy Christmas and a pleasant New Year!

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