Design Inspiration, Digital Marketing Trends and Lifestyle Bloggers: Yoke’s Favourite Digital Destinations

Yoke is a creative agency with a strong digital twist, so it’s only appropriate we showcase our team’s go-to blogs and websites that keep us on top of the latest trends.

Yoke Team's Favourite Digital Destinations

Just like the selection of our favourite books, the team’s preferred digital destinations are quite varied too – we’ve got fans of heavy duty digital marketing and design websites, but also those who appreciate the softer approach of lifestyle bloggers.

See if you can discover any new blogs and websites worth following or, alternatively, establish whether you already possess the same taste in blogs and websites as us.

Richie Meldrum, Creative Director

AdFreak is the place for everything to do with creative messaging. In a world saturated with wallpaper advertising, you have to seek out the clever creative ideas to keep you inspired that there is a better way of doing things.

Elizabeth Carruthers, Designer

Oculto is an art, design and fashion blog, with a really unusual aesthetic. There’s always something weird and interesting on there. I’m constantly using it for inspiration and just to find images I love.

Nikko de Jesus, Designer

I’m sure most designers are familiar with the BP&O website, and for a good reason too. The website features some of the world’s best branding work, with opinions written by the website’s founder/editor, Richard Baird. Because the branding projects featured on the website are carefully curated, only the best ones make it to the website, which makes it a great place to get inspired and get my creative juices flowing.

Olivia Gatt, Designer

The Design Files
The Design Files is one of the world’s top design blogs. It covers design in all its forms – from architecture and interiors to gardens, food, fine art and graphics. It has a local focus, but because of its impact on design culture and trends, articles can also feature Australians working and living internationally.

Luke Parsons, Digital Consultant

Search Engine Journal
When it comes to digital marketing, it’s hard for me to go past Search Engine Journal. Don’t let their name mislead you: it’s a blog that covers not just the latest news and tutorials from SEO, but also social media, PPC, and just about every other digital marketing discipline humankind has ever dreamed up. Their articles are a huge influence on my work – there’s nothing better than fresh inspiration from other experts in your field, especially when it comes in the form of genuinely entertaining articles. Awesome stuff.

Pauline Russell, Senior Account Director

I Just Might
This Tumblr blog is one of my sources for daily visual inspiration. It has everything – beautiful photography, inspiring words, great design. The blog is run by a 26-year old based in San Francisco, who has a great eye for just interesting snippets of things I love. I love ‘I Just Might’ because browsing through it in the morning has the same effect on me as a cup of coffee – it wakes me up a bit, makes me see the world in a different light.

Marah Houlihan, Senior Account Manager

PostSecret is a blog that provides a window into anonymous contributor’s raw truths in the form of postcards. What makes these postcards so engaging is that the sender’s secrets are expressed through their art and chosen medium, with some of the messages being exceptionally explicit and others are humorously horrid.

Linda Lam, Account Manager

The Urban Developer
I work with lots of property developers at Yoke and it’s crucial that I have a thorough understanding of their industry and what’s going on in the market. The Urban Developer lists all of the upcoming developments in Victoria and around the world. The best bit is their comprehensive library of articles on everything related to property development – architecture, design, finance, marketing, and so on.

David Cooper, Senior Digital Account Manager

Econsultancy is an excellent digital marketing blog that also has a great newsletter to boot. The blog not only covers digital marketing news, but also the real-life implications of the latest trends for businesses that operate online. Their articles are exceptionally important for anyone who wants to keep up with the fast paced nature of the digital world. The strong focus on eCommerce relays the information in an applicable manner with excellent global case studies.

Joel Stevens, Digital Producer

I know that Mashable’s a pretty standard choice for anyone working in the digital industry, but you just can’t get past the fact that it’s a great source for the latest news in tech and digital. My most-frequented pages on the website are the Business and Dev & Design sections, because they feature content that helps me grow as a digital producer. I’m also fond of the Watercooler area for those moments when you need to give your brain a break from keeping up with the latest developments in digital.

Yuki Kubota, Digital Developer

I work both in front-end and back-end development, and CSS-Tricks is my go to blog for anything dev-related. Even though the website’s called CSS-Tricks, they’ve expanded on to all aspects of development and have some of the best articles on dev tips and techniques online.

Rabia Chhabra, Digital Developer

WebAppers is an informative blog about web development and design. As a developer, I find it invaluable because it provides top quality open source web resources and it makes the development process more efficient.

Stefanie Urso, Office Administrator

Collective Hub
The Collective Hub is a pretty new print and online publication that has a huge following. They focus on issues across business, design and fashion, but contrary to most other publications, they take a fresh and sometimes unusual perspective on their subjects. They’re thought-leaders and concentrate on showcasing innovative people and projects that expand my knowledge and understanding of the world. A truly inspiring website!

Salli Jokinen, Marketing Manager

Reddit – Internet Is Beautiful
As a digital marketer I need and want to stay on top of the latest developments in anything related to online content and engaging user experiences.

Although not exactly a blog, I’ve found Reddit to be the best place to find content that hasn’t broken to mainstream yet. Reddit’s ‘Internet Is Beautiful’ is the best place to do just that. It’s a subreddit where redditors can post links to websites that offer a unique service or that have been beautifully designed.

This subreddit is one of the first places to display the sort of incredible stuff that is possible in the online realm. Of course, after the initial feeling of amazement of seeing and playing around with these great websites, a digital marketer cannot help but begin to wonder where to even start optimising these sites for search engines.


There you have it – from informational and educational to inspirational, these are Yoke team’s favourite blogs and websites. If you weren’t familiar with all of the ones listed above before, we hope we’ve inspired you to check out at least a few of them.

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