Diary of a Work Experience Kid

James Meadowcroft came into the studio for his yr 10 work experience placement. Here’s a little blog post he wrote on his week with Yoke. Thanks James!

My week at Yoke by James Meadowcroft

Work experience – the chance to learn about life in the real world! As a budding future designer with a passion for computers and IT I was eager to learn from the experts. I needed to look no further than Yoke.

I was really excited about starting my work experience and decided to do a quick google to see if I could get some tips from others. I soon found out that everybody had a ‘story’ about their work experience and it wasn’t always good.

Imagine how pleased (and relieved) I was to be greeted by the Yoke team on my first day and find out that they had put together a program just for me. My task was to create my own brand and develop an identity. I began by developing a concept and deciding on a style.

I went with an ‘antique’ theme for my brand and the team gave me some great advice and feedback so I then spent some time re-working my original ideas. Once I’d worked out exactly what my theme was I produced a business card, letterhead and complimentary slip. This work was to be part of my folio which the team helped me to develop and I hope that it will be used in the future to apply for university.

Final design project by James Meadowcroft for Yoke design work experience

The website and folio I worked on both came together quickly with the help of the team. The folio was smart, clean and displayed all of my work up to this point. I have been slowly adding new items to it, a project I worked on at Computer Games Boot Camp (CGBC Monash University), a house design and construction and my IDM project which is making an animation. I was really lucky to see a project all the way through from the initial brief through to presentation. The project consisted of a full brand redesign, looking at lots of things including the look and feel of the brand.

Design workings by james meadowcroft for yoke design work experience

Through the week I had the opportunity to work with each of the team and see their various roles within the company. Everybody assisted me and improved my work with constant suggestions and improvements. This taught me about creative input and the possibility of different design opinions.

Yoke set me up really well for the future and everything I made during the week has been revised and looks good. I would like to thank them all again for teaching me so much about the business and the field.