Who to Follow on Instagram – Yoke’s Favourite Creative Instagramers

Yoke’s Instagram account was recently featured in a Russian online design publication along with a selection of 11 other creative accounts from around the world.

As a result, our humble Instagram account experienced a surge of new followers. So much so, in fact, that around 50 % of our Instagram followers are now designers and other creatives from Russia.

Creative Instagram accounts selected by Yoke

Wanting to pay the good vibes forward, our team members are now sharing their favourite creative Instagram accounts with you. Some of them design-focused, some more arty than others, and a few oriented towards photography, but all creative in their own way and sure to inspire you.

After checking out our list, let us know about your favourite inspirational Instagram accounts on Facebook or on Twitter.

Matt, Design Director

I really like the MindSparkleMag Instagram feed. It features great design from around the world and is one of my go-to sources for inspiration. The websites they feature are particularly inspiring – most are clean, minimal, engaging and interactive with international design flair that I draw inspiration from for a lot of my designs.


Pauline, Senior Account Director

I follow Sheree Commerford’s Instagram account because she’s fabulous. Sheree is a creative director, stylist, designer and curator, heavily inspired by travel and her beautiful family. She has this incredibly natural, carefree, boho-chic eye for fashion and design. Her taste is impeccable, and I admire Instagram accounts in which every single image looks like a beautifully styled shoot – Gary Pepper is another example who does this ridiculously well. Also, I follow her because I secretly want to be that cool, calm and chic when I have 2 kids under the age of 10. I mean, seriously.


Elle, Account Manager

One inspirational Instagram account I follow is that of Viktoria Modesta, or the Bionic Pop Artist, as she is also known. She is an amputee model/singer with a very unique style that is full of surprises. She has also performed at the Paralympics and sports the most creative prosthetic legs ever.


Olivia, Designer

The Design Files keeps me in the know about local and international designers and artists, cool creative events, trends, and interesting blogs and people. I love that they put a lot of effort in the images that are uploaded; their Instagram only has beautifully taken photos. If I ever want to find out more about a specific post, I can always go to their website and read the whole article.

A photo posted by Lucy (@thedesignfiles) on


Will, Client Services Manager

My favourite creative Instagram account would have to be Olafur Eliasson’s account. He is a fantastic Danish artist, who creates large-scale art installations using cool optical devices and elemental materials. The installations are meant to disrupt and engage the viewers’ perceptions and I find them quite brilliant.


Richie, Creative Director

Melburban are a person, couple of people, or group of photographers, who post amazing shots of Melbourne’s unknown and undiscovered underbelly, including abandoned buildings, secret tunnels and views and angles of the city you’ve never even considered. Makes you look at Melbourne in a totally different perspective. Melburban is a private account, so you need to request permission to follow them. If you can’t wait, here’s their Tumblr account.

Melbourne photography by Melburban
© Melburban


Sina, Online Strategy Specialist

Michael Briggs is a wedding photographer, who shoots weddings in scenic Victoria. Not only do his photos make me want to go to the locations and enjoy the amazing scenery around Melbourne, but they all include happy couples getting married. Getting a chance to be a part of those happy moments makes me smile and keeps me daydreaming that one day I’ll be on his beautiful Instagram account in a white dress.


Renee, Design Manager

I’m a big fan of Fin DAC. He’s a British self-taught artist and his realistic non-conformist illustrative style draws from influences ranging from graphic novels to Francis Bacon. He is also the founder of Urban Aesthetics, which is a modern day take on a 19th century art movement. Being an illustrator myself, I love being inspired by different art styles and Fin DAC definitely hits the spot. It’s especially impressive how he is able to bring a black and white painting to life with just bold splashes of colour. One day I would like him to come around to paint a massive mural on my wall, then we can go for drinks and be best buddies. He seems like the nice type of guy to do that.

A photo posted by fin dac (@findac) on


Joseph, Digital Director

Icelandic band Sigur Rós’ Instagram offers a bit of everything for the dedicated fan, like myself. First of all, I like their music because it has this strange hypnotic quality to it that gets you hooked. Second, the guys tour a lot and they post a lot of beautiful photos from around the world and Iceland that make you want to go and explore the world too. Third, I’m simply just really interested in their view on life and their behind-the-scenes photos give me a peek into their world.

A photo posted by sigur rós (@sigurros) on


Marah, Senior Account Manager

I love following Fajar P. Domingo, he’s an amazing digital collage artist from Indonesia. His surreal themes combined with the human-centric approach make for some beautifully bizarre works of art that keep you scrolling for more! He has managed to take collage art from a granny past time to a whole new level.

A photo posted by Fajar P. Domingo (@ohfajar) on


Lana, Office Administrator

I’ve always loved reading National Geographic in print and to see it transfer to digital is pretty amazing, especially when you’re scrolling through the account and see all the images collated together.

Countless photos on there just blow me away and leave me wondering how they’ve managed to capture them. And it’s not only about the photos – I also love how they caption the images and although it’s not a whole bunch of text, it’s just really compelling information.

I admire the fact that they’re so globally aware and how much you can actually learn through all their discoveries.

A photo posted by National Geographic (@natgeo) on


Salli, Marketing Manager

Being a shameless fan of all things kitsch, including pastel colours, neon signs and pastel-coloured neon signs, Matt Crump’s photos speak to me on so many levels.

He skilfully blends vibrant candy colours with minimalistic themes, which interestingly transform the resulting images into something quite sophisticated. He still manages to stay true to that feeling of fun though that’s often associated with colourful images.

I also chose this account as my fave because I believe there’s a relatively good chance that it’s cool enough to elicit a silent nod of approval from my designer colleagues.


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