Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local – A Pretty Official Healthcare Marketing Campaign

Yoke was approached by not-for-profit organisation Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local (IEMML) in October 2014 to raise awareness of common health issues within the organisation’s catchment area. Yoke devised and executed a comprehensive healthcare marketing awareness campaign for the organisation that engaged the target localities with both traditional and digital media channels.

IEMML Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign by creative agency Yoke

Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local (now Melbourne East GP Network) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports general practitioners and other primary healthcare providers by driving improvements in primary health care.

The organisation had previously identified a general need to raise awareness around common health-related issues and to educate the residents in its catchment area. Four main core issues of focus that were pinpointed by the organisation included chronic disease, mental illness, extended GP opening hours and immunisation.

In addition to generating overall awareness for the four health-related issues, each focus area also had a secondary aim, with the following breakdown:

  • Chronic disease – Promote regular physical activity to improve overall health and well-being
  • Mental illness – Change the common public perception of mental illness
  • Extended GP opening hours – Alleviate the congestion in Emergency Departments by informing people about alternative after hours care
  • Immunisation – Inform parents of the immediate and long term benefits of vaccinating their children

These aims were typical for a social marketing campaign, where the end goal is often to change the target audience’s deeply ingrained attitudes and behaviour. Together with the overarching goal of generating awareness, these four objectives formed the foundation for the marketing campaign strategy.

In healthcare marketing and social marketing in general, it is still highly popular for many campaigns to frame their messaging around the concept of fear in the hopes of changing a target audience’s undesirable attitudes or behaviour, such as smoking.

In general terms, fear-inducing messaging is most effective when trying to prevent undesired attitudes and behaviours from happening in the first place. However, academic research has revealed that using fear in social marketing campaigns is quite often not effective in eliciting behavioural change, especially if the target audience is already experiencing positive affect from the undesired behaviour, or the level of fear generated by the advertising message is too high.

With this in mind, Yoke framed the IEMML social marketing campaign positively in an effort to create a campaign that was likeable and had a higher probability of being persuasive. After determining the optimum emotional framing angle for the campaign, the idea for the central content piece was then created; ‘Pretty Official’ public service announcements that were to take a humorous jab at stiff government departments.

With the campaign objectives and the target audience demographics in mind, Yoke produced eight short Pretty Official videos that saw two videos dedicated for each of the health-related issues identified by IEMML.

The Pretty Official messaging for these issues comprised the following:

  • Promote regular physical activity to improve health
    ⇒ Running for the tram does not count as exercise
  • Change public perception of mental illness issues
    ⇒ Four of your mates live for the weekend, the fifth lives with a mental illness
  • Create awareness of medical care options
    ⇒ Man flu is not life threatening. Visit your after hours GP for non-emergencies
  • Encourage parents to vaccinate their children
    ⇒ Your baby can’t immunise itself.

Says Yoke’s Creative Director Richie Meldrum: “The videos enabled us to bring our concept to life. The short versions of the videos show mini scenes from inside the ‘government departments’ that we created. Each features our main protagonist as he experiences the departments’ different internal policies being taken very literally with slightly odd and unexpected outcomes. The longer videos were intended to expand upon each message, while still falling under the campaigns creative style.”

In order to cover IEMML’s entire service area and to reach as many members of the target audience as possible, Yoke employed both traditional and digital channels to disseminate the Pretty Official message.

The traditional above-the-line advertising portion of the campaign kicked off on November 17th, 2014, with over 190 outdoor Adshel advertisements within IEMML’s service area, two outdoor digital billboards at busy junctions and cinema commercials running at six local cinemas.

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign by Yoke

The traditional advertising campaign ran over a four-week period, which was then supplemented with an equally strong digital advertising campaign to secure highly targeted reach and to reinforce the Pretty Official brand message in the minds of the audience through multiple messaging touch points.

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign digital billboard by Yoke

The digital part of the campaign consisted of creating several branded web assets in order to create a comprehensive and compelling Pretty Official brand experience.

To act as the end destination of all online promotional activity, a dedicated Pretty Official campaign website was designed and developed by Yoke. The website was a continuation of the Pretty Official brand, and included a dedicated page for each of the four core messages in the campaign. Further enhancements to the Pretty Official brand experience were the creation of a dedicated YouTube channel and Facebook page that looked the part and functioned as possible staging posts on the visitors’ journey to the Pretty Official website.

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign website design by Yoke

Generating online awareness and driving traffic to the campaign website was achieved through three advertising mediums; banner advertising, video advertising and Facebook advertising.

The advertisement targeting was set to relatively specific for enhanced relevance of the key messaging in the eyes of the audience and consequentially for improved click-through rate to the campaign website.

The targeting consisted of subsequent criteria:

  • Committed couples, Family & baby and Health & fitness
  • 25-34 and 45+ years old
  • Health and health insurance websites.

The banner advertising component of the online campaign also encompassed retargeting banner advertisements in addition to regular display banners. This secured more touch points with the Pretty Official brand message with those audience members who had visited the Pretty Official campaign website at least once.

Lastly, due to the social media giant’s strong advertising targeting options, Facebook formed a cornerstone of the online campaign activities. Target audience members were reached with ‘official’ health announcements from Pretty Official that included the campaign videos, humorous custom-designed images and strong call-to-actions to visit the campaign website to find out more about the key messages.

Social media healthcare marketing campaign for Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local by Yoke

Social media healthcare marketing campaign for Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local by Yoke

The campaign results were based on the website traffic data derived from Google Analytics and the insights provided by the display advertising and Facebook advertising platforms.

The Pretty Official campaign achieved the following results for IEMML:

  • More than 12,000 sessions on the campaign website
  • Close to 10,000 unique visitors to the website
  • 4.2 million banner and video impressions
  • 1.4 million Facebook advertisement impressions
  • Over 28,000 engagement clicks on Facebook.

Out of the overall sessions on the Pretty Official website, 65% sessions originated from Facebook advertising, 35% from banner and video advertising and 9% were direct visits. The remainder of the traffic to the campaign website was driven by organic non-advertised Facebook content, organic search engine traffic and referral traffic.

The direct visits can be quite securely assumed to be largely due to traditional advertising, where the audience had seen the advertisements outside or at the cinema and subsequently searched for the website on their mobile devices or desktop computers.

The Pretty Official marketing campaign succeeded in exceeding Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local’s objectives and generating considerable awareness within the organisation’s service area, engaging the target audience across multiple advertising mediums with messages that were easy to digest and appealing to the audience.

The second stage of the campaign, running currently, sees increased emphasis placed on changing attitudes and behaviours within the target audience.

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign for Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local by Yoke

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign for Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local by Yoke

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign for Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local by Yoke

Pretty Official healthcare marketing campaign for Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local by Yoke