Presenting, Our First Short Film – The Bug Hater

When a long standing client came to us looking for help to get the word out about a new insect catching devise they were launching, obviously our first thoughts turned to eastern European cinema!

This is the final result. It tells the story of Nikolai, a famous inventor who has been hassled by bugs his whole life and so sets out to create his own solution.

Advertiser – Suk-a-Bug
Product – Suk-a-Bug Mini
Creative Studio – Yoke
Creative Director – Richie Meldrum
Designer – Matt Caminiti
A film by – Tooth & Claw
DOP, Camera – David Rusanow
Camera Assist – Giovanni Lorusso
Steady Cam – Glenn Clayton
Best Boy – Dan Cahill
Music – Travis Marke
Art Director – Tammy Knox
Makeup – Natalie Burley

Suk-A-Bug Bug Hater video shoot

Suk-A-Bug - Bug Hater short film

Suk-A-Bug - Bug Hater video shoot