Yoke Launches New Design Event A Brand New Day

Like a lot of design people, here at Yoke we’re pretty obsessed with brand strategy and brand design. There is something wonderful about creating work that is all encompassing, with so much presence and power behind it.

Yoke's A Brand New Day design event

The word, ‘brand’ comes from the old English verb ‘to mark with a hot iron’. This action creates a strong visual. It’s about staking a claim, marking out ownership and identifying a particular quality.

Branding in design and marketing echoes some of the same sentiments as the word’s origin. The idea is to create something that is instantly recognisable, something that clearly communicates attributes about what it is, what it does and what it stands for.

The best brands are borne from a sound strategic insight and have real meaning behind their execution. For example, did you know that BMW’s brand mark comes from the time when the company made engines for German aircraft – the white circular quadrants in the mark represent the rotating propeller against the blue sky.

Whatever the origin, good brand work needs, above anything else, a good idea behind it. Coming up with this idea and finding effective ways to express it across all touch points, is the job of the designer. Those designers who can do this well will find many doors opening up to them in their careers.

Branding work can be great work for a designer to take on. It allows them to be creative, but also demands structure. It requires knowledge and application of various different areas of design including type, print and production. It can spurn ongoing work and collaborations with other creatives including photographers, illustrators and copywriters. Best of all, you get to see your work come to life and witness it in action.

To celebrate the beauty of branding and pass on some tips and ideas on how to do it well, we are running a new workshop event called A Brand New Day. The event will see a group of aspiring designers come and work in the Yoke studio for a day.

All working to the same branding brief, participants will go through the initial stages of a brand project in the same way we do, the intention being to work as close to true industry environment and circumstance as possible. There will be time allocated for research, concept development and refinement, and at the end of the day, each designer will then present their work to the group.

The event will give aspiring designers an insight into the creative industry and hopefully see them leave with what could be the start of a branding project to include in their portfolio.

For more info, visit A Brand New Day page. Please note that places are limited, so register you interest now.