Yoke Presents – A Brief Night 2

After the success of the first A Brief Night, we’re back with the second event on Thursday 24 April.

Yoke's A Brief Night 2 Design Event

Yoke is offering design students, graduates and junior designers another chance to get a glimpse of what it’s really like to work in the design industry with the second instalment of our A Brief Night design event series.

The aim of this event is to provide a taste of what it’s like to be a designer in a working studio – warts and all.

Forget your ideals. Here you won’t have months, weeks or even days to research, revise and revisit your design work. Instead, you will experience the realities of operating within the demands and deadlines of a fast paced studio, working on the kind of jobs you’re likely to encounter on your first forays into the industry.

Here’s how it works:

  • After some quick introductions, all participants will be presented with the same solo design brief. The brief may not be perfect and you will have to rely on more than just your design skills to get the job done.
  • After the briefing, you will have 90 minutes to come up with the goods.
  • During those 90 minutes, help, advice and direction will be available.
  • Once the 90 minutes are up, everyone drops tools and stops working.
  • You’ll then present your work to the rest of the group where further constructive feedback and advice will be offered.

Visit the event website to register – limited places available.
Register here: http://yokedesign.com.au/a-brief-night/


Check out the video from the last event: