Drapac Website

The Background

Drapac Capital Partners is a property funds management business, With an unparalleled track record since its beginnings in Melbourne, Drapac saw a rapid expansion in the United States from 2011. Its core investment focus is on land, and the company abides by the ethos of capitalising on unprecedented investment opportunities and identifying value through unorthodox means.

The Project

Having undertaken the strategic rebrand of the business, Yoke began work on the design and development of Drapac’s new company website. Rather than featuring extensive company information and credentials, the site focused on profiling the brand’s positioning and profiling the experience of the Drapac team.

The Results

Over the last several years we’ve worked very closely with Yoke on several different branding projects and we have always been very impressed. Not only does their creative team provide ideas and solutions that take our projects to the “next level,” but they do so in a very professional and efficient manner.

The Yoke team is very thorough and responsive throughout every stage of a project  and have taken on everything from background research to copywriting to the creation of beautiful corporate collateral. We love our partnership with Yoke and recommend them to anyone looking to breathe new life into their branding!